Choose Joy Soy Ocean Air & Amber Single Wick Candle

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Abboo Candle Co's Choose Joy soy candle will make every day a celebration of positivity. This candle showcases an exclusive label with a colorful rainbow and the inspirational words "Choose Joy". Bring a touch of happiness and positivity into your life with this exquisitely designed, mood-enhancing candle.

This candle serves as an excellent reminder to seek happiness each day, making it a thoughtful gift for friends, coworkers, teachers, or anyone in need of an uplifting pick-me-up.

Hand poured and heart filled to order.  

These 13 oz hand-blown glass tumblers, proudly made in the USA, exude a graceful charm and can be repurposed once the wax has burned down. The minimalistic yet stylish design ensures your favorite Abboo candle blends seamlessly with your aesthetic. A metal lid preserves and protects your candle.

Abboo Candle Co candles are hand-poured and heart-filled with domestically sourced clean-burning soy wax, premium fragrance oils free of phthalates or toxins, and cotton wicks. 

To avoid tunneling, please allow the wax to melt completely across the candle before extinguishing the flame. This is especially important on the first burn. It is normal for a small amount of wax to be on the sides of the jar after the first burn but should melt off on subsequent burns. 

Sizing Chart
Sizing Chart