February 08, 2020

Of all the questions I get asked as a boutique owner, the one I get most often is how I come up with my pattern mixing ideas.  I love it when my friends share their styling hacks with me, so I've come up with a few "rules" to share to help you create the perfect mixed-pattern look.

Check out my pattern mixing tips below:

Rule #1- Stripes are always neutral, so treat them that way.  (Promise!) I love to pair my stripes with florals, but stripes look great with just about anything.

Rule #2- Add a belt to break up patterns and pull your outfit together. Use statement jewelry (often!) to finish the look.

Rule #3- Coordinate outfits with colors, not prints. When matching two or more prints, make sure that they share at least one color. That will bring the look together.

Rule #4- Choose patterns that vary in scale. Mixing large polka dots with small, narrow stripes works really well, but a large pattern with wide stripes can often make it look like your clothes are wearing you, not the other way around. You're too cute for that!

Rule #5- Once you have these easy rules down pat, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns at will. Some of the best outfit combinations I've come up with have happened by accident.

Rule #6- Don't be afraid to break the rules! Use my "rules" as guidelines. Fashion is totally personal and all about you. If you feel confident in something then rock it!  Your confidence is going to shine through regardless of what you are wearing - and that's one fashion statement never goes out of style.

Bonus Rule #7- Don't forget to wear cute shoes!


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